Meet Lesley

Lesley is a naturally gifted medium and works with both spirit and angels. Spiritualism has been in Lesley’s family for at least three generations – her grandmother and mother were spiritual healers and Lesley herself has been aware of her gift since the age of four.

In her teens Lesley joined a spiritualist church in Stockwell, London to develop her spiritual gift; it was this same church that had previously told Lesley how gifted she already was at the age of fourteen. It was predicted she would help many people during her life – she has and still is helping. The extent of her talent was confirmed in her 30s when in a reading with Doris Stokes, Doris commented, “You’re one of us, keep on working…”

Lesley is a very down-to-earth, no nonsense lady who gives wonderful straightforward readings leaving you with a multitude of emotions.Lesley’s motto is “tell me NOTHING until after the reading. Having served Spiritualist churches throughout south-east surrey with her platform work since 2006, Lesley has gained an excellent reputation of her accuracy with readings and her testimonials show as much.

Lesley is available for one to one readings, private parties/events, psychic suppers etc.

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