Carol Rogers 16th Aug 2015

“Fantastic morning yesterday at East Grinstead Spiritual Church. Everyone got a lovely message, accurate and clear. Thank you so much Lesley. Wish they were all like you. x x x”

Private reading May 2015

“Lovely lady, brilliant reading, helped me a lot and gave me some advice! Highly recommend Lesley to anyone. Thankyou :)”

Lou Surrey

Sun 24th April 2013

Hello Lesley, it was a priviledge to meet you and chair for you at our Sun 14th Apr service. Thank you for you lovely mediumship, – it is rare indeed that a medium receives a spontaneous round of applause. I provided very positive feedback to our bookings secretary, and I hope we will see you there again soon.
with best regards

Saturday, 4th February 2012
St John’s Ambulance Hall, Horley

Excellent lovely attitude, very, very gifted. Was not boring at
all! Lots of mediums don’t go to as many as you did, so wow!
Thank you. Sharon Smart

Enjoyed the evening was lovely that everyone got a reading. Anon

First spiritual cafe I’ve been to very good and reading was
             Thank you! Anon
Really enjoyed the evening and thought it was fantastic that everyone got a reading. Sarah Mckenzie

Very intersting. Lesley was very sincre in her feelings.
She made everyone feel at ease. It was lovely she was
able to give everyone a reading. Anon

Like that she connects with everyone with a handshake. Find some things a little general with my reading connot connect with the people that were passing a message. would like to know more about persons passing a message for me to be able to connect. Anon

Really glad that she gets around everyone and doesn’t spend
too long on one person.

Fantastic evening, she gave everyone a reading which was amazing! She is quick and to the point. Jen

Lesley was great the first time i Saw her. Didn’t disappoint the
second time either Fab, Fab, Fab! Thank you spirit for Lesley’s
gift. xxx Anon

Wonderful evening, so glad I came. Lesley was really accurate, so uplifting. Look forward to an evening with Lesley very soon I hope. Anon

What a wonderful medium lesley is, she has got to come back very
soon, she is truly amazing, we all thank her very much. XXX Anon

Very good evening I’m happy I came tonight, it has opened y eyes to a lot Lesley was spot on. Anon

Absolutely Brilliant! Lots of energy and spot on with our readings!
Thank you very much. Michael and Julia

Thank you for the lovely message! i do deal with the angels (ask for guidence and help) and yes i have been waiting for a big wish to come true for a while. its good to know things will get easier soon. Amazing thank you so much! Also used to work with children (at the school) and used to work as a complementary therapist, before i had my daughter. Very, Very accurate.

I’m glad that I have come today. some of the reading i understood, but I’ve had trouble recalling distinct details. I’m not sure quite whether this is due to not preparing myself for any contact with spirit or because of a detail from my mother’s confusion on a spirit that we couldn’t seem to recollect! Anon.
Friday, 30th September – Woodhatch Centre

Really positive reading, the things Lesley was saying to me was really relevant. I will be in contact with her again to take my interest further. Thank you.


My first time – brillant proven beyond all doubt. Many thanks for the message. P. Thompson

I was very impressed and pleased to hear from the spirits. Anon.

Had a quick reading but Lesley picked up a lot about me and it was very reassuring to get sent a message and so much love and support coming to me through her. Thank you. Anon

I now feel more relaxed. As Lesley told me that everything will be brillant at my wedding next year. I have been worried about it, but it sounds like it will be perfect. Thank you. Holly Stepien


Private Reading – September 2011

I feel very peaceful knowing that my nan is ok. Also i know exactly who she was referrng to with regards to the record!! I am and have always been a true believer. such an amazing experience.

love Kate



Psychic Supper, Saturday, 17 September, Horley

Gossops Green Church, August 2011
Lesley always makes the evening so enjoyable always a pleasure to watch her perform.
Thank you. Anon

Thank you so very much for a wonderful evening and very grateful to have been given a message Beautiful lady, Lesley, inside and out.
Thank you. Moira

What a medium!!! Never been to a mediumship where the medium has given a message to so many people. Fantastic.


Private readings – July 2011
Lots to think about, some very interesting comments.
Thank you, Jacqui

Very good, told me a few interesting things.

Thank you for the reading, i found it to be accurate and emotional leaving some more to think about.

Many things you said were wonderful, some no connection at al. Absolutely lovely lady.
love, Irene

Woodhatch, Friday, 18th February 2011

Lesley’s readings for me have always been spot-on. I have had a couple of readings from Lesley and things have always been made clearer after her readings.
Thank you so much.


Lesley was very good, here she got my Mum & Dad, said what I am doing work wise, and that I am sorting my life out. Have been listening to music as she said.

Restored my faith.
Thank you.
            Matthew Freeman


Dear Lesley, thank you for my message tonight. You mentioned every thing I was doing today and this week, which gave me peace in knowing my loved ones have been watching over me.
   Thank you for your love and support.
           Corinna xx

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